Library Hounds Episode #1 :Writing STAAR advice

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Welcome to another episode of my podcast.


Creating podcasts is a dynamic way to enhance instruction, access higher level thinking, and is just plain cool.  While I have used pocasts in the past to book talk popular authors and revive inactive titles, this time I used a podcast to let students reflect on the writing STAAR test.  The idea came to me when I heard part of my library squad sharing their experiences during the previous day’s marathon test.  As I was a writing teacher for over ten years,, I understood the drama, hopes, and relief that accompany each state mandated test.  I thought that sitting down with these bright and multi-layered students would be beneficial to them as well as the school at large.

I chose Podcast as it has always worked well for me and I have it installed on our class set of Mini IPads. I plopped my IPad down on a round table between us and we were off.  My students were delighted and I loved hearing what they took away from the teachers who have given there all as well as our Writing Czar who has conferenced with every student in fourth grade.   We had to record it twice as I conducted the talk/interview without turning on the program.

I intend to continue making podcasts for Newport Elementary.  Almost every class is or has done a project that can be presented, reviewed, and reflected on this year. An added caveat is that as we move from a third and fourth grade campus to a first through fifth campus, we have the opportunity to not only present our students works, but we get to also see them grow throughout the years.  I, for one am very excited about this prospect.



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