Screencasts, Instagram, and Vine

Discovering new technologies is both exciting and challenging.  This week I explored the world of Instagram, Vine, Screencater, Jingle, and Adobe Voice.  All of these apps and features are designed to enhsnce education and provide a bridge for the digital natives in our classrooms and libraries.


I was already a subscriber to instgram.  Anyone who has had or has teenagers teenagers knows it is a must have for tween and teenagers.  The following images have been taken over time, but they are some of my favorites:


Am I Blue


Jamaican Gothic

Sarah on my Mind
Sarah on my Mind


I am experiencing technical difficulties with my Vine account and will edit this post as soon as the issues are resolved.

[insert Vines here]


Screencast-o-matic is a friend to the NES library and this assignment a timely one.  I created two screen save videos for my patrons.  The first was a classic Screen cast to demonstrate hot to access our new EBook acquisitions:

The next screen cast was created using Adobe Voice. I chose this method as I needed to demonstrate accessing Apple and Android technology.

Both technologies were right on point for what I needed.  The Jing sight had a great tool, but I could not use it for my Ipad and Android instruction.  I was unable to locate the Explain the website app.  The one I tried to use was not as uer friendly as Adobe Voice, so I went with the latter program.  I use screencasts all the time to repeat information, as students need multiple teachings in various mediums.

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