The Game is on….

So, now that you are  interested  in trying out some new things, let’s get started!  Remember when I asked you to check out the crafting materials at your house?  Well, some of you might be saying that there is nothing there.  I find that when this happens I have to look outside the box.  And, sometimes a box is full of potential.  I love to re-purpose things. I especially love to recycle things that would normally be thrown away.  Always ask your guardians if you can use the found materials. You never know if something is valuable to them, or if they have plans to re-purpose/ recycle the item themselves.  Here are some of the things that we throw out that can be used to make some groovy stuff:

paper towel rolls


broken crayons

boxes of all shapes and kinds


old toys

unsoiled pizza box lids

old/ or scratched DVD’s/ LP’s

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