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After much deliberation , I decided to subscribe to Inoreader as my RSS provider.  Many of the reader services were attractive, but I chose Inoreader for the following reasons:

  1. It was rated best for longterm content archiving.
  2. The display was in the mosaic ( Pinterest) format that I love.
  3. The $1.25 a month price tag was very competitive with other RSS services.

So, I signed up.  I have to admit the feed took 2 hours of my time as I could have stayed on there forever following to my hearts content.

Next,  I created a Tumblr account:  .  I filled it with all of my myriad of interests and personal preferences.  Finally, I ttyped in School library and began to peruse all the library sites.  Having so many resources at hand was daunting at first, but I soon realized that I had specific needs for my position as an elementary school librarian.  Everything presented was not for me.  The five top blogs I chose to follow are:


I chose the School Library Journal blog for its comprehensive nature.  The sheer breadth of mterial and special interests presented on this blog covered most of my issues as a new librarian.  I chosethe black children’s books and author’s blog because of the demographics of my school.  We have a 52% Caucasian, 26%African- American, and 24% Hispanic students.  Being a busy school librarian, I need a blog to help me keep up with what is trending in library for children of color.  I do a lot of work with the Scholastic book company. I host two book fairs a year to fund my summer reading program.  Despite being a commercial company, they offer a range of helpful insights into the library/class rooms.  The Brooklyn Public library is a place I got my first library card from.  Their programs arevery expansive as they have a dynamic and ever changing population.  I also just like to see what they are up to.  Finally, I chose Library Journal because when I searched library Maker Spaces they had a few blogs on a pivitol part of my school library.

This was a great assignment for me as it helped to stream line a lot of the content that I search through on a professional level.  I love Pinterest,but it is sometimes  limited.  These RSS’s organized my professional search inquiry.



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